Gifted and Talented
  • Click on the following link in order to retrieve the powerpoint shared during the meeting held on Tuesday, September 13th.  

    Parent Orientation


    Parent Orientation

    A parent orientation will be held on Tuesday, September 13th from 6:00-7:00pm in order to provide information about the Gifted and Talented Program.  The meeting will be located at 2707 Southside Drive in the Big Room at Brownwood ISD's Administrative Building (Central Office).  This meeting is for parents of students who are currently receiving GT services in grades 1-4.  We will discuss state and district goals for gifted and talented, changes in the program, curriculum, student expectations, grading, communication, community involvement, information on the website, and celebrations.


    There will be a different meeting scheduled for anyone interested in requesting identification/assessment of gifts and talents for their child.  That date will be posted and made public soon.


    Thank you,

    Mrs. Fabbiani