Graduate Profile
A graduate of the Brownwood Independent School District is expected to be accountable for his/her actions as:

A well-rounded individual who:
     Is guided by integrity, character and ethics
     Demonstrates an appreciation for the arts
     Possesses an awareness of cultural differences and beliefs
     Demonstrates responsible life management skills in social, interpersonal and family relationships

A responsible decision maker who:
     Uses creative problem-solving and conflict resolution skills effectively
     Uses critical thinking to effectively evaluate information and make educated decisions
     Manages time, money, environmental and other resources in a responsible and effective manner     
     Holds themselves accountable for their decisions and actions

A healthy individual, valuing personal wellness, who:
     Demonstrates high self-esteem and self-confidence and a general sense of well-being
     Demonstrates the self-discipline to pursue physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual health   
     Demonstrates the habits and personal responsibility to achieve life-long wellness.

An Effective Communicator who:
     Is proficient in many forms of communication including verbal, nonverbal, and written
     Utilizes technology effectively and appropriately
     Is multi-lingual
     Uses appropriate social and interpersonal skills

Informed & Involved Citizen who:
     Promotes principles of democracy in a multicultural society
     Demonstrates patriotism for the United States of America and the State of Texas
     Demonstrates citizenship through community service and participation in the democratic process
     Stays informed on current events

A Productive & Efficient Worker who:
     Takes ownership of his/her future through goal setting, decision making, and efforts aimed at continual improvement
     Uses their creativity to generate ideas beneficial to the workplace
     Practices a good work ethic by demonstrating initiative, reliability, punctuality and adaptability
     Demonstrates leadership and cooperative work skills, while being respectful of authority

A confident life-long learner who:
     Has a solid foundation of skills in all academic areas
     Analyzes, evaluates, and applies new information in an ever-changing society
     Is an inquisitive, imaginative and resourceful self-learner