Welcome to the Coggin Elementary Science Page!

At Coggin Elementary, science rocks!  Our philosophy is that science lessons should be hands-on whenever practical, and fun as often as possible.  Our science lab is stocked with investigations that are engaging and educational.  Your child might make a model backbone, experiment with model bird beaks, grow crystals by making rock candy, or illustrate changes in the rock cycle by baking Metamorphic Rock Bars.

Science Teachers

Mrs. Land
Mrs. Fell (for Fell/Christiansen)
Mrs. Grider
Mrs. Bigham (
Ms. Christiansen (
Ms. Maninger
Mrs. Richmon (

Science Learning Objectives

Classes will be studying a wide variety of exciting subjects in 4th grade.  We teach the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills)  for 4th grade, as developed by Texas Education Agency.  For the full 4th Grade Science Timeline click here.

Here is a list of learning objectives that will be covered this year:

1st 6 Weeks   

2nd 6 Weeks

3rd 6 Weeks

4th 6 Weeks

5th 6 Weeks

6th 6 Weeks