Ms. Marci, Mrs. Yoder, Ms. Pinkston, and Ms. Lisa

Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten's Homepage!

We will strive to provide 4-to-5-year-old children opportunities to:

  • Develop their growing interest in school subjects, such as science, music, art and math;
  • Enjoy activities that involve exploring and investigating;
  • Group items that are similar (for example, by size, color, shape or attribute
  • Use their imaginations and curiosity;
  • Develop their language skills by speaking and listening;
  • See how reading and writing are both enjoyable and useful (for example, by listening to stories and poems, seeing adults use books to find information and dictating stories to adults and writing their name)
  • Play with other children so they learn to listen, share and take turns;
  • Learn the alphabet and explore print.
  • Learn ways to recognize feelings and emotions  and develop empathy for others through Conscious Discipline, literature, and social situations.