Name:  Carmilita Thomas, School Registrar

Phone:  325.646.0707


Student Registration

Immediately upon moving into the Brownwood Independent School District, students should register at school by bringing the required information (see below).  Registration of new students takes place at the student's school.  Registration dates are typically held two weeks in advance of the first day of school, these dates will be posted on this site and advertised as well via local media. All new students and Pre-K students are required to register at this time. Documents that are needed prior to enrollment are listed below.
All students are required to fill out enrollment paperwork each school year. You must provide Proof of Residence and fill out a current registration packet so that all student information is updated for the new year and all new required forms are completed and signed. Parents should immediately notify the school when address and/or phone numbers are changed. Address changes must be accompanied by another Proof of Residence. Please remember your child's safety is dependent upon the school having the correct address/phone information in their files at all times.



To enroll a student in the Brownwood Independent School District, the following information is required:

1) Child's Birth Certificate

2) Child's Social Security Card 

3) Complete Immunization Records (date, month and year of every immunization received)

4) Parent's Driver"s License or other picture ID

5) Proof of Residence (utility bill (gas, electric, or water) or current lease or rent receipt) with the parent/guardian's  name and address.  If you live with someone and have no utility bills in your name, pick up forms at the school office.

6) Proof of Withdrawal from your child's former school

7) An Official Document (their last report card) if available

8) Proof of Income (only if child is Pre-K)  If you receive Food Stamps, you must provide the award letter with the case number on it. 



For a listing of required immunizations for school attendance and a recommended immunization schedule please visit: