Woodland Heights History
The history of our school dates back to the pioneer days. Back in the 1800's, most of the homesteads were secluded among the oak trees. On a grassy slope, two single-teacher school houses were built. Lewis Valley School was to the east, and Connor School was to the west.
Lewis Valley School  Connor School
In 1916, the schools were combined in a two-story brick structure, tucked back among the trees. This building would become known as Woodland Heights School. Woodland Heights formed its own school district, as well. Students from K-6th grade attended Woodland Heights, then transferred to BISD to attend junior and senior high school.
Woodland Heights
Problems with fresh water, gas and other necessities plagued the school. In 1930, construction began on a new Woodland Heights building. This building was much larger. The district decided that the school should have a 'useable library,' so they purchased The Book of Knowledge. They also bought uniforms and some rhythm instruments to be used by the students.
Woodland Heights 1930's
1930's Woodland Heights
During WWII, Camp Bowie flourished, and there was a need to increase student enrollment at Woodland Heights. Some remodeling was done, curbs and walkways were built around the school, and the property was landscaped. After the war, a teachers' lounge was built, blinds were put up in the windows, and the floors were sanded.
In the early 1950's, Woodland Heights School District merged with Brownwood I.S.D.
In 1971, The old building was torn down, and a brand new state-of-the-art school was built in its current location.
Artist's sketch of proposed new school.
This building would boast 'open concept' classrooms.
Site of current school, prior to ground breaking.
Woodland Heights 1971-2008
In 2008, the school was completely remodeled. An elevator was installed, classrooms were added, covered walkways were built, new floors, new ceilings, and a new front office and teachers' lounge were constructed.
Following the construction, the Margie Michael Learning Garden was built in the front of the school.
Woodland Heights 2010