Margie Michael Learning Garden
In 2006, Woodland Heights applied for a $10,000 Goody's "Good Deeds for Schools" grant. There were fifty of these given out across the country. In the spring of 2007, we learned that we were the only Texas school to receive this grant! Because of the extensive remodeling of our building in the 2008-2009 school year, we are finally getting our Margie Michael Learning Garden project started.
Margie Michael
   In loving memory of Margie Michael (1949-2009).
        Margie gave BISD 35 years of sunshine.
Pictures of our progress:
Rockpile RockForeman
RockQueen FutureSite
BreakingGround LayingWaterLines
Don'tStepHere WeedBarrier
FormingWallPatterns Walls
DiggingPlantingAreas Excavation
MasonWork PicnicTableAreaPoured
RockWall ViewOfMasonWork
View from front door Fruit tree
Shrubs Cypress and whiskey barrels
Flowers Blooms