Emergency Response Procedures



In the event of a reported threat, emergency, or possible danger to students, faculty, or staff at Brownwood ISD, the emergency response and notification procedures are as follows:


1. 911 is contacted first to investigate and respond as needed.

2. Brownwood ISD Administration and the School Resource Officer (SRO) is notified of the situation.

3. Deputy Superintendent and SRO will report to campus immediately.


Public Notifications


4. The Brownwood ISD Community Relations Coordinator will release information through social media (E-alert, Twitter, Facebook, BISD App, BISD Website) only after the threat is either:


a. An ACTUAL emergency VERIFIED by security officials, police, and/or BISD administration.


b. An all-clear message has been received and no threat or danger was discovered.


Please note that information and details will be released as recommended by Police and the assigned SRO on a case-by-case basis. Alert notifications are not always indicative of a verified emergency. If you receive an alert we request that you do not immediately rush to your child’s campus. This may interfere with police and can cause additional chaos and confusion at the scene, putting you or others at risk. Your children’s safety is a priority at Brownwood ISD, and we will keep parents notified of procedures, pick-up instructions, or important information pertaining to a campus emergency.


Additional Information


  • Campus Lockdown – A lockdown might be initiated on a campus as a precautionary measure in response to a perceived or imminent threat. The following actions are taken during a campus lockdown:

a) Students report to classrooms

b) Windows are closed and doors are locked with no one leaving the room for any reason

c) Everyone is instructed to stay away from doors and windows

d) Lights are turned off

e) Move to interior walls and sit down. Students may be instructed to take shelter under their desks

f) Await further instructions from principal

  • Soft Lockdown – Some situations may call for a soft lockdown rather than a full campus lockdown. During a soft lockdown regular activities continue in the classrooms but no one is permitted to enter or exit the school. This is another option that can be initiated as a precautionary measure.
  • Evacuation plans and emergency pick-up locations for parents have been pre-designated for each campus. Parents will be notified where to pick up their children through approved and appropriate* communication methods in the event of an evacuation. 
  • E-alerts will be tested every other month to ensure they are properly working and information can be sent out effectively when necessary.
  • The School Resource Officer (SRO) is a local police officer assigned to Brownwood ISD. The SRO is stationed at BHS for 9-months out of the year and is available to respond as needed to emergency situations throughout the district.


*The publication or distribution of the designated evacuation and pick-up areas may compromise the safety and security of those locations. Depending upon how the district is advised by police, the method of communication and the disclosure of these locations may differ for each situation.