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Name: Mrs. Ann Fowler
Phone: 325-646-8919

About Me

My name is Ann Fowler and I am the general music teacher at Coggin Elementary. I hold a BS in Music Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a BS in Biochemistry from Texas A&M University, and a Masters of Educational Leadership from Cardinal Stritch University-Milwaukee.  I have been a music educator for 15 years, teaching vocal and general music to all grades from Pre-K through high school.   I have been in Brownwood ISD for one year and love teaching at Coggin.  Fourth grade students are a real joy to teach since they are eager to learn and begin to demonstrate individual growth that requires a more challenging curriculum, yet they are still playful and aim to please. Outside of teaching, I enjoy gardening and cooking and my husband and I are both into physical fitness and refereeing/instructing youth and high school soccer.  I look forward to another wonderful year at Coggin and being a part of Brownwood ISD.  
About 4th Grade Music 
Lots of wonderful things are taught in 4th grade music.  If you are interested in learning about the TEKS for Music-Grade 4, please use either of the following links:
(For a general overview)  
(For a more specified outline, follow the directions below)
1. In the "Refine your search" box in the "Select a grade level" box, scroll down the menu until you find "Grade 4."
2. In the "Refine your search" box in the "Select a subject area" box, scroll down the menu until you find "Fine Arts." 
3. Click "Search" under  the "Refine your search" box. This will open a clickable outline for 4th Grade Fine Arts TEKS.  The Fine Arts include Art, Music and Theater, in that order.
4. Scroll down to the "FA.M:Music" folder.  The music TEKS are in outline form with the two major headings being "Introduction" and "Knowledge and Skills."
5. Under "Knowledge and Skills," there are four subheadings; "Foundations: Music Literacy," "Creative Expression," "Historical and Cultural Relevance," and "Critical Evaluation and Response."
Mrs. Fowler's Class Schedule 2016-17 

 Class Schedule
 Class Period
 Class Homeroom Teacher 
 8:05-8:50 Baslee (Tues. & Thur.)/Bigham (Mon. & Wed.)
 8:55-9:40 Land (Tues. & Thur.)/Eoff (Mon. & Wed.)
 9:45-10:30 Conference
 10:30-11:15 Mosqueda (Tues. & Thur.)/Richmon (Mon. & Wed.)
 11:15-11:45 Lunch
 11:45-12:30 Christiansen (Tues. & Thur.)/Maninger (Mon. & Wed.)
 12:35-1:20 Crosby (Tues. & Thur.)/Long (Mon. & Wed.)
 1:25-2:10 Cardenas (Tues. & Thur.)/Grider (Mon. & Wed.)
 Fell (Tues. & Thur.)/Templeton (Mon. & Wed.)
 3:00-3:25 Intervention