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Brownwood Middle School Morning and Afternoon Car Rider Procedure

Two Lots

  • As in previous years, there are still two designated and monitored drop-off/pick up areas—the front of the school near the entrance (awning) and the southwest parking lot of the campus located by the tennis courts.

  • Coordination each day between parent and student(s) on afternoon pick-up location will ensure everyone will be waiting in the correct location.

  • If you are not in a designated lot, please come to the building to escort your student(s). We feel it is unsafe to allow students to cross public roadways, which lack crosswalks, without an escort.

Inside the Lot

  • As you enter either lot, please stay in your vehicle and move to the right lane. Proceed forward as much as possible without ‘leap-frogging’ other vehicles

  • Load your student(s) in the monitored drop-off/pick-up zones (front: near the awning; southwest: near entrance to the gym).

  • After you have your passenger(s), you can continue on in the right lane to exit or move to the left lane to pass vehicles which may still be waiting.

For safety, the front visitor parking spaces should only be used during the morning and afternoon times if you need to park and enter the building.

We will continue to refine this process based on your feedback. Thanks for helping us work to ensure the safety of all of our students as they enter and exit the campus.