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Running Club soars past 10,000 miles!

   The Mileage Club is zooming to success!  Coach Harvey is really excited to bring the 100 Mile Club back again this year.  The Mileage Club meets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 7:00 to 7:20 at the back entrance to East.  It is open to students in 1st-3rd grade.  The students also run on Fridays during their class period. 
   As of April 13, the students have ran 10,457 miles!! 3rd grade remains in the lead this week with 4,024 miles.  2nd grade is moving along with 3,429 miles.  Finally, 1st grade is chasing the pack with with 3,001 miles.  Our original goal was met and now we are making a new goal!  Keep moving East!
   The following students have reached atleast 100 miles so far this year:  Shari Ray, Adrian Ramos-Skhrak, Jonathan Ramos-Skhrak, Trey Thomas, Dwyn Teano, and M.W.  Congratulations to these students.  We expect to see many more students reach that milestone in the coming week.