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Drum fit takes over PE and Music!

This school year, East Elementary has been doing some exciting things in PE and Music!  Coach Harvey discovered DrumFit last summer and was so excited to share this amazing program that encourages fitness for all ages and grade levels.  The kids started without using sticks, just their hands to keep the beat.  It progressed to using pool noodles as the sticks, and then on to rhythm sticks.  It is high impact and a lot of fun.  Thank you to the students, parents, and PTO of East Elementary in their fundraising efforts earlier in the year to help purchase the DrumFit kits.  In addition to our DrumFit program, Mrs. Morgan was able to purchase a program called Music Express Magazine.  This is a magazine developed by John Jacobson.  This magazine provides contemporary music arranged for students in grades K-8 along with cultural lessons, music history, music theory, and much more.  According to Mrs. Morgan, being able to use these engaging lessons, music, and choreography has added greatly to the music classroom this year!  The subscription to the Music Express Magazine was made possible by the administration and the school board.  Thank you to all for supporting PE and Music at East Elementary.  We have really enjoyed all of the fun activities this year!
DrumFit and Music